Meet the Halls

By Sue Dewerff Panzarino, Viera Living East Edition, October 2023
Photos by Nerissa Johnson, LadyBlue Photography, LLC

Tim and Janet Hall, with their toy poodle, Thor.Indian River Colony Club residents Tim and Janet Hall never imagined they would retire to the Central Florida area. After all, they were both born here. Actual Florida natives! For Janet Hall, who was diagnosed with stage four (metastatic) breast cancer six years ago; wearing pink in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month will certainly be on her list of priorities this month! Metastatic breast cancer patients also have their own ribbon which includes the colors green and teal as well as pink.

In addition to receiving her tri-weekly targeted doses of anti-cancer therapy drugs, she and her husband, Tim, of 39 years continue to enjoy an active lifestyle living in the Indian River Colony Club community. Her motto, one that has kept her mindset in positive spirits is “survive and thrive.”

“My goal has been to always have the fewest side effects from these treatments. I have been told I am an ‘exceptional responder,” Janet reluctantly admits.

Janet actually met Tim’s mother, Amy, before she met her husband. The two ladies served on a church committee and became great friends. Little did either realize they would become in-laws. Tim and Amy do not have the same last name, and neither realized their ”Janet” was the same person.

“I remember Tim came to church dressed in his Air Force uniform, and I recognized the rank and initiated a conversation,” Janet explained.

An Air Force brat herself, Janet was born in Satellite Beach and grew up in Northwest Florida.

The mutual attraction initiated their long-distance relationship, which eventually led to marriage.

“Tim knew he was in trouble when he learned I already knew his mom,” Janet joked.

Their wedding was held at the same church where they met; the First Baptist Church of Union Park.

”The family joke is if we ever divorced, the family would keep me, as Amy and I are besties!”

Tim grew up in Orlando, attending Colonial High School before completing his BS in Business from William Carey College. He earned his Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and his Master of Social Work at the University of West Florida. He began his military career as a security policeman in the USAF.

He has served as a church pastor, hospice chaplain, and, upon returning to military life, retired as a Navy Chaplain.

After graduating from Niceville High School, Janet got her AA in English from Okaloosa Walton Community College, and a BA in Broadcast Communications from UCF. She earned a Master’s in Adult Education/Distance Learning from Troy University.

As a military spouse, Janet has held numerous positions as a high school teacher, an editor, and an instructional designer.

Tim has always had a gift for helping others develop a spiritual life that is fulfilling and meaningful, and Janet enjoys teaching others and learning.

The Halls relocated Viera from Orlando in 2018, after learning about the area while visiting PAFB.

They both fell in love with the amenities, neighborhood, and all the area had to offer. Tim was especially thrilled about the golf course, while Janet was ecstatic that it was within minutes of the beach.

“We actually ended up selling our home in Orlando quickly and ended up living in our RV on the property for a few weeks while our home was remodeled,” said Janet.

Both Janet and Tim have settled in nicely since returning to Central Florida, connecting with many friends and neighbors throughout the community.

Tim serves as a pastor and chaplain for the IRCC community chapel and stays busy visiting folks in the area in between spending time perfecting his golf game.

The Halls attend the IRCC multi-denominational chapel; one that parallels military chapels.

Janet plays in the Bell choir and sings in the chapel ensemble choir. She also sings in the community chorus, which holds two concerts each year.

She enjoys cross-stitching, reading, swimming, bicycling, teaching stretch classes, playing Bunco, and volunteering at ComiCons, when her condition allows. She also volunteers twice a month as an exercise instructor at Faith Place.

“Cancer doesn’t define me. It is my constant companion; and as such, I know it’s important to continue to practice healthy habits, and exercising daily has been a huge part of my routine,” said Janet.

The couple has two adult sons, Nicholas and Mitchell, who live in Montana and the Panhandle respectively. Nicholas just recently married Joy, bringing another girl into the family to Janet’s delight. “We enjoy traveling, especially cruising and road trips, and often visit our children,” said Janet. “Nick is an avid hunter and Mitch enjoys gaming and the beach.”

Tim and Janet Hall, with their toy poodle, Thor.

Janet had an opportunity to attend a cancer support program entitled “Casting for Recovery”. Ironically, CfR is headquartered in Montana.

“I was provided with all the fishing gear, and experts in the flyfishing industry in a beautiful setting that combined breast cancer education and peer support with therapeutic fly-fishing techniques.”

She said she even caught a fish and hopes to enjoy the sport again with her sons on their next trip.

Though Janet admits there are times the treatments for her cancer often leave her requiring extra downtime, she said her neighbors always know when she’s resting, as she hangs a specific flag outside her front door to give them a heads up.

“It started as a bit of a joke,” she confessed, “because my neighbor was always a bit afraid to knock in case I was resting. Now everyone knows what the flag means.”

The couple’s toy poodle, Thor, although small in size, has a large personality and keeps Janet comforted on her down days. He is quite popular.

Janet and Tim both are Florida Gators fans, having been raised in Florida. They are hoping for a decent season this year.

“I believe my faith in God and support from both my husband and this community have been vital to my continued resilience and recovery. Though I still deal with treatment side effects, I try not to let it keep me down. I want to use my time following God’s path for me, helping others find joy, and enjoying time with family and friends.”

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