Ken and Barb Keskinen

If you’re new to IRCC, want to become involved in the community, and don’t quite know where to start, call Ken and Barb Keskinen.
This couple have more than a dozen activities going between the two of them. They wouldn’t put it this way, but they are two people with a lot of talent.
Originally from Ohio and high-school sweethearts, the Keskinens, like many military couples, tried out a few places to live after Ken’s Air Force pilot days were over. In Merritt Island for 9 years, they moved to IRCC about seven years ago.
While living in North Carolina, Ken became interested in Croquet and eventually became
president of a N.C. Croquet organization. So when they moved here, they began playing
Croquet on the IRCC court that shares space with the golf course chipping green. Two years ago, the space was leveled out to better accommodate golfers and Croquet teams – Croquet plays Thursday and Sunday afternoons, and any other time, it’s first come, first served.
Ken leads the Military History forum, and in March gave a talk about a Russian Spy who
lived in IRCC. He’s looking for speakers for summer and fall.
Barb started a biker and triker group – the Pickled Peddlers – that leaves from their Goldrush home every morning at 7 a.m. They’ve become a close group, and love to find beautiful spots to gather and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.
The couple are enthusiastic birders, and Ken writes the “For the Birds” column for the Colony Voice. If you’d like to learn more, they love to take tour groups to the best spots.
Barb is a member of the IRCC Bell Ringers Bell Choir, which performs at IRCC Chapel
Sundays.She writes a monthly Colony Voice column about the Bell Choir. She and Ken both have musical backgrounds: She played the flute and Ken played in the Melbourne Community Orchestra. He played the cello that he made himself – he is a woodworker (spent two years making period furniture when they lived in Boston) and their home is a showplace for the furniture he has made. His long-time bird carving recently won him “Best of Show” at the Space Coast Wood Carvers Show.
Barbara’s artistic side comes out in painting – she is taking the Friday IRCC water color class – and photography. She’s been Stage Manager for a number of Cart Barn Players productions.
So if you’re wondering what you might want to do, give the Keskinens a call – they’ll have you involved before you can say croquet-playing, wood-carving, watercolor artist-photographer-trike riding busy couple!
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