IRCC Leadership: Sam Ginsburg


This Benjamin Franklin-attributed motto is fitting when describing Sam Ginsburg. A true renaissance man, Sam (AKA “Sam-I-Am”) is involved in a dizzying array of activities at IRCC. His activities include President of the Computer Club and a member of the Marketing Committee, Audio Video Support Services (AVSS), the Residents Activities Council (RAC) and the Bocce/Shuffleboard Group (known as the BS’ers). In his capacity as a member of AVSS, he provides support for many other IRCC clubs and activities, including Cart Barn, Colony Clowns, Channel 732, and chorus.

Sam’s family moved from Toronto to Miami when he was seven. After graduating from the University of Miami, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, went through Officer Training School, retiring as a major. During his 22-year military career Sam completed his MBA Degree and served at Air Force bases in South Carolina, West Germany, South Korea, California, Canada, and Florida. After retirement, Sam worked in banking.

Resident Dave Lashof reports that Sam is “a great addition to the AVSS group and to IRCC. He is a busy guy, whether working and training folks on 732, delivering to white boxes, running the computer club or his activities on committees. He came to the AVSS group with no experience and I quickly grabbed him, he lives two doors down, and started training him on the audio side. With a computer background from his banking job, he quickly also learned 732. He is a natural with this work and takes on anything else as needed, especially if we feed him. His computer club offers a place where residents can learn about their systems and fix issues.” As a meeting or event leader, Sam keeps things lively and lighthearted, wearing many hats, both figuratively and literally. Resident Brian Whalen reported that “it’s worth going to the Computer Club meetings to see what hat he will be wearing.”

This is Sam’s third year on the Marketing Committee where he chairs the Digital Subcommittee. Chairman Sally Grissom says: “I couldn’t do it without him. Sam is the backbone of my committee, full of energy and good ideas. He is truly the architect of IRCC’s digital presence.”

Sam and his wife Betty take time to enjoy the community’s amenities and counsel new residents to “try everything, then see what you like.” Following their own advice, two activities they enjoy are Bocce/Shuffleboard (BSers) and Trivia Night.

Article by: Lois Eberhart

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