Resident Spotlight: Ed and Linda Dias

Ed Dias and his ChildrenAs of August 30, 2019, Ed and Linda Dias will complete their first year of residency in Indian River Colony Club. While at a local doctor’s office, Linda noticed an IRCC advertisement in the Viera Voice. They were so intrigued with the concept of a 55+ military community that they began their search for a home in IRCC immediately. Ed and Linda found their forever home on Yorktown Court, with the help of Linda from IRCC’s Four Star Reality. Their previous home was in Mayport, Florida.

Ed and Linda have been married for eleven years and became joined with service through their careers, interests, and family. Ed is a retired veteran of the US Army and Linda is a retired Registered Nurse, Ed brought to the union four children who heard the call to serve their country as had their father in the US Army. Christopher is still serving in Pennsylvania. Matthew, Edward, and Paula all are US Army retired and continue their service working for the US Government. Ed and his children represent a total of over 115 years of military service to our country. In addition, Linda has two sons-in-law who are US Navy veterans with a combined total of 16 years of service.

Ed and his children have served this country in the USA, Vietnam, Germany, Korea, Bosnia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

Ed and Linda have spent several years volunteering for the USO in Mayport and Orlando and continue to do so on a monthly basis. They collect books, DVDs, audio books and toiletries for the USO. Ed and Linda would be glad to accept donations and deliver either to Mayport Naval Station or Orlando Airport USO.

This is a proud military family who thank God every day for their children who have come home safely and love and respect our wonderful country. To say that Ed and Linda are happy to be here is an understatement. To all the wonderful people who have welcomed them, Ed and Linda say that IRCC and its residents are welcoming and unbelievable. Thank you to all!
God Bless America!

Article by: Fran Majcher

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