• Although we don't play golf or tennis, IRCC is the ideal place for us. We have wonderful neighbors who watch out for each other and there are many other activities to keep us busy. Maintenance free living (someone else does it, not me) is a dream come true. Retired military with over 12 moves, we've finally found the place that we can call home.

    - Robert & Karen W., Residents Since 2010
  • This is one special community. We have lived here for nine years and have enjoyed every minute of it. We've made wonderful friends, love the golf course and there is always something to do. It is the most giving community we have ever lived in.

    - Ned & Nancy C., Residents Since 2004
  • We can't believe we were so fortunate to find IRCC and actually live here. We're busier and more active now than when we were working. From the everyday fine dining to the special events, the golf, the pool, the theater group, wildlife, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF. Did we mention GOLF? Our friends and neighbors are magnificent. We love it here.

    - Judi & Duke B., Residents Since 2005
  • Comparing all the locations we have lived in our 57 years of marriage, IRCC has the most caring, giving and loving residents we have ever known.

    - Jim & Billie A., Residents Since 2002
  • “What makes IRCC great? The people. WE met our neighbors right away at a block party! Of course there’s the golf course, but also the club or hobby for any interest. The mall is nearby and the Viera hospital is right around the corner. We love it here!”

    - Joe and Marilyn M., Residents Since 1998
  • “Sitting around the Aquacise luncheon today, the discussion turned to living here at IRCC. Everyone was talking about their experiences with the maintenance policy and how delightful it is to have such a knowledgeable crew on call 24/7. We all had a story about something breaking and the repair guys showing up within a half an hour to get us up and rolling again. What a blessing to live where I am so well taken care of.”

    - Paul I. and Janet H., Residents Since 2007
  • “We found that IRCC is an ideal solution that complements our life style, community involvement, and vocations (fine artist, teacher, retired scientist). We can’t praise, enough, the abundance of resident activities we’ve enjoyed and valuable friendships that develop along the way.”

    - Vita & Bill, Residents Since 1997
  • “We lead a very active life: swimming every day, working out in the gym and walking just about everywhere. We’re able to feel completely safe doing what we love, thanks to IRCC security keeping a watchful eye. And no upkeep, either! It’s great not having to worry about the details.”

    - Victor & Anna F., Residents Since 2006
  • “When we first decided on IRCC, we thought it was just a nicely maintained retirement community with golf. Once we moved here, we realized that IRCC is actually the best kept secret in Florida! We never dreamed we’d be involved in so many activities or make so many true friendships.”

    - Jim & Jenni J., Residents Since 2001
  • “Our favorite thing about IRCC is the security. Not the guard shack or the 24-hour patrols, but security that comes from living in a place where people really care about each other. Because neighbors look out for each other, it feels more like you’re part of a very big family.”

    - James & Alberta M., Residents Since 2000
  • "Having lived all over the world, we feel that we have finally found the perfect place for an active and rewarding retirement home. We are surrounded by wonderful friends and neighbors who have had incredible careers, and unparalleled experiences. The beautiful Olympic-sized pool and well-appointed Fitness Center provide for a healthy lifestyle, and two always busy clubs ensure that there is ample opportunity for socializing and enjoyment of a wide variety of programs and entertainment. We can't imagine a better place to be.”

    - Hal & Marie G., Residents Since 1993
  • Verified Resident
    We recently moved to IRCC. Best decision ever. Good golf. Nice social events. Great new friends. Safe, maintenance free living.

    - W.R., Resident Since 2013
  • Verified Resident
    I've lived at Indian River Colony Club for 2 and 1/2 years and love it here. There is so much to do and great people to do it with. If you like golf, tennis, bridge, mah jongg, painting, crafting, swimming, yoga, acting, book club (this list could go on and on)this is the place for you. Both of the clubs are beautiful, the food is great, and the homes and grounds are kept in lovely condition.

    - Mary H., Resident Since 2011
  • Verified Resident
    I moved to IRCC in April of 2011 and am very grateful to my Realtor, Denise Contella. She was the one who took me to look in here because she thought I would fit right in! She was so right. I had been recently widowed and one of my big concerns was my future and all the little things I could no longer without my husband’s help. Here at IRCC I don't even have to worry when my toilet leaks, my dishwasher doesn't work right. One call and someone is there to try to fix the problem and if they can't you get a new one. The grounds are kept well maintained as are our homes.

    - Carole M., Resident Since 2011
  • Verified Resident
    Our maintenance program is like no other. I heard the sound of water running, but couldn't locate it for 2 days over the weekend. Mon. morning 9am I was looking at the plantings outside and suddenly was standing in water near the main. I called maintenance. They came right away, found a broken pipe at the main and had a back hoe in, dug up the pipe and repaired it and were done before noon. Price to me? Part of my maintenance. Who would you call? When would they come? What would they charge? It is part of truly maintenance free living at IRCC.

    - Gene & Lee B., Resident Since 2014
  • Verified Resident
    The facilities are really top notch, but it is the friendly, welcoming people that make this the place we call home.

    - Mike & Sue, Residents Since 2012